Teranov begins geothermal exploration in St. Kitts

first_img(L-R) Frederic Gerard, Project Manager, Teranov; Jacques Chouraki, President, Teranov; Hon. Ian “Patches” Liburd; Mr. Errol Liburd, Chairman of Board of SKELEC; Mr. Cartwright Farrell, CEO of SKELEC (Photo via SKNIS) Teranov, a French engineering and services company for new and renewable energy based in Guadeloupe, has recently begun geothermal exploration exercises in the Sandy Point area around Brimstone Hill, going to the top of Mount Liamigua. Five geoscientists are now in St. Kitts conducting feasibility studies in geophysics, geology and geochemistry. President of Teranov, Jacques Chouraki, says the prospects for geothermal energy on St. Kitts are promising. You may be interested in… Media Advisory – CARICOM Energy Week Kilo Walk Jamaica Energy Ministry promoting culture of conservation… More action needed in energy sector The initial results look pretty good but of course it’s too early to say what will be valuable…It’s a long process. We have decided to invest a lot of manpower in this project in order to speed up the process so that as quickly as possible the St. Kitts population will be able to know exactly if there are geothermal resources available or not,” Mr. Chouraki said in an interview with St. Kitts and Nevis Information Service on November 11. Nov 7, 2015 In September of this year, the Honourable Ian “Patches” Liburd, Minister of Public Infrastructure, Posts, Urban Development and Transport, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Teranov, which includes a road map that can possibly see the production of geothermal energy in 2020. The decision to start geothermal exploration on St. Kitts “was against the backdrop of having assumed office as a Government of National Unity where we inherited a situation deriving from our fossil fuel imports in accordance with the PetroCaribe agreement,” Minister Liburd said.center_img Nov 10, 2015 Nov 5, 2015 Nov 11, 2015 Feasibility study proves geothermal potential of St. Kitts and NevisBasseterre, St. Kitts, March 24, 2017 (SKNIS): A feasibility study done by Teranov, a French engineering and services company for new and renewable energy based in Guadeloupe, has proven that there is potential in St. Kitts to develop at least 18 to 36 megawatts of geothermal power. Speaking at the conclusion…March 27, 2017In “CARICOM”Minister Liburd leads CARICOM, OECS delegations to Guadeloupe geothermal plantBasseterre, St. Kitts –  St. Kitts and Nevis Minister of Public Infrastructure with responsibility for energy, the Honourable Ian Patches Liburd, on Thursday led Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) and Caribbean Community (CARICOM) delegates to the only active geothermal plant in the Caribbean in Bouillante, Guadeloupe. The delegates were on…May 13, 2016In “CARICOM”Regional delegates excited by prospects of collaboration on geothermal developmentBasseterre, St. Kitts, May 13, 2016 (SKNIS): The Geothermal Regional Forum concluded on Thursday, 12 May, and officials are already buzzing about some of the outcome of the three-day conference that was held at the St. Kitts Marriott Resort.  Judith Ephraim, Programme Officer at the Sustainable Energy Unit at the…May 14, 2016In “CARICOM”Share this on WhatsApp As a matter of fact, from 2007 to 2008, the Government owes PetroCaribe or Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A (PDVSA) some US$22 million of which some US$7 million are due. Between 2008 and 2011, the Government racked up a debt of some US$ 45 million owed to PDVSA. As we speak, St. Kitts Electricity Company Limited (SKELEC) owes PDVSA some US$16 million out of which 6 or 7 million dollars are current,” Minister Liburd said.  He underscored the point that fossil fuel costs are very exorbitant and that “if we are going to continue our development and if we are going to ensure economic growth” that the Government must adopt a policy of renewable energy because “we are blessed with sunshine, we are blessed with wind and in the federation of two islands we have two volcanoes.”  Minister Liburd said that although the development of geothermal on Nevis has already started “we believe it would be irresponsible of us as an administration not to establish whether we have a geothermal resource here on St. Kitts and if so determine how best to develop that resource.”  Minister Liburd also shared that in the upcoming sitting of Parliament the regulatory framework will be laid with the tabling and first reading of the St. Christopher Electricity Act which is being amended to accommodate alternative energy, feeding tariffs, net billing, and solar, wind and geothermal energy “to speed up so to speak so we can address our new way going forward in terms of energy production in St. Kitts and Nevis.” Chief Executive Officer of SKELEC, Mr. Cartwright Farrell, said that “one of the good things about geothermal is that it is base load energy that is indigenous to St. Kitts. It is down in our earth and we don’t have to import it and in this day and age when everybody is talking about climate change we are taking a very good step in moving forward towards our own climate change issues.” Chairman of the Board of SKELEC, Mr. Errol Liburd, who is an engineer by profession, said that geothermal energy will result in lower electricity generation cost that will redound to the benefit of the consumer paying less for energy. The announcement of the commencement of geothermal exploration was made as the Region observes CARICOM Energy Week. CARICOM Energy Week, first observed in 2011, was established as an annual event based on a mandate from CARICOM Energy Ministers to provide a platform for increased awareness about energy matters, given the critical importance of energy to economic development. (St. Kitts and Nevis Government Information Service) Share this:PrintTwitterFacebookLinkedInLike this:Like Loading… Walking for Energy: Region kicks of CARICOM Energy Week last_img read more


first_img Stephen Auld QC and Richard Mott (instructed by Grosvenor Law) for the claimants. The defendants did not appear and were not represented. Apax Global Payment and Technologies Ltd and another company v Morina and others: Chancery Division (Mr Justice David Richards – judgment delivered extempore): 24 June 2011 Director – Fraud – Whether defendants guilty of breach of fiduciary dutycenter_img The first claimant company was engaged by the second claimant ­company to be payment processors for the gaming industry in Turkey. The relevant contracts were entered into between the parties. The first claimant went into liquidation and the defendants were all former officers of the first claimant and their associated companies. The claimants brought claims against the defendants, alleging that through the actions of the defendants, sums of $7m received by the claimants were misappropriated by the defendants. They claimed damages for fraud and breach of fiduciary duty. The defendants failed to defend the claim. The claim would be allowed. In the present case, funds received by the first claimant to be held on trust for the second claimant had been fraudulently misrepresented by the defendants. Each defendant was guilty of breach of fiduciary duty and dishonest assistance. The claimants were entitled to declarations that each of the defendants was liable for damages in the sum claimed.last_img read more

More rail for Stockton

first_imgThe track was constructed by Industrial Railways Construction Co and completed ahead of schedule. The project was managed by Central California Traction, the short-line railroad that serves the port on behalf of BNSF and UP. The extended tracks improve interchanges between all the rail companies and reduce rail equipment dwell time at the port.The new track will be particularly important for the port’s export iron ore and coal traffic.www.portofstockton.comwww.up.comwww.metroports.comwww.cctrailroad.comwww.bnsf.comlast_img read more

Read of the Week

first_imgThe House on Cold HillPeter JamesMacmillanReview: Brian JossPeter James, known for his Roy Grace thrillers, turns his attention to a house haunted by malevolent spirits. When Ollie and Caro Harcourt and their 12-year-old daughter, Jade, move from the centre of Brighton and Hove to Cold Hill House, a dilapidated Georgian pile in Sussex that needs renovating, a lot of it, it is a dream come true for web designer Ollie, not so much Caro, his solicitor wife who has serious misgivings, and Jade who will miss her city friends.But Cold Hill House is not what it seems: within its damp and musty walls, it hides terrible secrets and it has a history of tragedies going back to 1750 when the mansion was built to order by a penniless Sir Brangwyn De Glossope, who apparently murdered his wealthy first wife, Matilda, leaving him free to travel the world with his mistress, Evelyne Tyler, who subsequently fell to her death. So who are the restless spirits causing such havoc for the Harcourts? Taps are turned on mysteriously; ceilings fall down; strange messages are sent via Ollie’s computer to his customers; he pictures things before they happen; visits people who have long been dead; he encounters a mystery gardener and sees his family’s names on a tombstone. But nobody seems to have any logical explanation and the Harcourts, except Jade who thinks it is a bit of a lark, are terrified out of their wits. Then there is a mysterious window in a room that doesn’t appear to exist, where the ghosts live. I doubt whether the indomitable Detective Superintendent Roy Grace would have been much help in this spooky story. It’s a haunting tale (pun intended) and the climax will send shivers down your spine as history starts to repeat itself.last_img read more

French legal aid protest goes national – and physical

first_imgProtest action by French lawyers against planned legal aid reforms is heading towards a national profession-wide strike, the head of the Paris bar has warned.Pierre-Olivier Sur, bâtonnier de Paris, was speaking after lawyers taking part in a ‘robed protest’ in Lille clashed with riot police outside a courtroom. The dispute is over reforms to France’s 43-year-old legal aid system approved by parliament on 15 October. They are due to come into effect on 1 January.The justice minister, Christiane Taubira, has warned that, without reform, the ‘breathless’ system will ‘implode within 10 years’. She said the reforms would bring 100,000 more people a year into the scope of ‘l’aide juridictionnelle’. However lawyers say the proposed changes would cut effective rates and require local bar associations to subsidise the system. ‘We’re being asked to finance a public service,’ Sur said. ‘It’s as if we asked doctors to pay for social security or businesses to pay for national education.’Meeting bar leaders at the French justice ministry today, Taubira said that the legal aid budget had grown from €275m in 2010 to €405m in 2016. Urgent reform is essential to ensure its sustainability, she said. But in a television interview yesterday Sur predicted that the protests would continue. ‘We are heading for a general strike across all our activities. There will be no employment tribunals, no divorces, no actions for damages. All will stop unless the authorities respond to our call.’last_img read more

The Last of Us Part II review

first_img Credit: Naughty Dog Credit: Naughty Dog Credit: Naughty Dog Credit: Naughty Dog The Last of Us: Part II has been hotly anticipated but has also been the target of some serious negativity. Naturally, this review will ignore all the negativity and review the game on its own merits. Please be aware, there are spoilers for the first title from the outset. While all efforts have been taken to avoid spoilers for this game, there are some mild spoilers for the beginning of the game but they won’t ruin anything.The Last of Us: Part II begins a few years after the events of the first game, with Ellie and Joel, settled down in the town of Jackson. Life is good, the dangers of the pandemic still affect their daily life but in general, it’s a normal life. After a tumultuous party, a hungover Ellie is tasked to go on patrol with her friend Dina to clear out any infected on the route. The patrol ends in a deadly clash with a group of people. Ellie, motivated by revenge follows the group to Seattle and finds it to be the epicentre of a civil war. She crosses the death ridden city to gain closure.Watch The Last of Us Part II trailer below:The story is incredibly tough to review without going into detail, so I’ll be putting up a spoiler-filled feature in the near future. Keeping this review spoiler-free, the opening makes a few cuts back and forth that seemed to me, to be in the wrong order. It didn’t cause confusion but the impact was greatly lessened. Nevertheless, after this intro and you arrive in Seattle, the game begins.Ellie’s thirst for revenge sees you killing people as you’d expect and the game does a really good job of showing how the bloodlust is consuming her and the toll it takes. This creates a heavy atmosphere though and the slow pacing begins to hurt the game, which is a common theme from start to finish. The pacing is just off. At this point, I was getting worried that this is all the game had to offer but halfway through the game, it changes in a drastic way.It creates a new dynamic, not quite a light tone but a different one and it comes at a much needed time. I found this portion of the game to be far more interesting but this goes on for half of the game. It culminates in a finale that, while great, is far too long. This is the hardest section to talk about, so in summary, I really enjoyed the story, for the most part, it has just enough lightness for me but the overwhelming tone might be too much for some. The biggest issue is the pacing of the story, a solid 5 hours of the game could have been cut out and the story wouldn’t be affected. The game has been painted with a brush of overt liberalism and the game treats its subject matter very well. It doesn’t come across as snarky at all, there are issues with character motivations, sure, but the fear this a “woke” game is unfounded.Credit: Naughty DogAs far as gameplay goes, the general concept remains strong. The suggestion you adopt stealth over a guns-blazing approach remains and it’s as strong as ever. The additions to the combat are brilliant. You can lie prone this time around, which allows you to crawl under cars, or hide in grass or maybe even play dead. This isn’t a get out of jail free card though, enemies will spot you up close. Ellie is far more manoeuvrable than Joel, she can leap over gaps and climb obstacles, lending a sense of verticality to combat scenarios that give the player a lot of choices.I loved the scrappy nature of fights, things rarely go the way you plan, Ellie is no crack shot and a missed bullet can cause chaos and see you fleeing for your life, as you frantically lay traps. This is all helped by a massive boost to enemy AI over the first game, especially from the humans. This is most evident in the dogs, who are accompanied by their human masters and track your scent and alert their team to your presence. Enemies communicate with each other realistically enough to give the game a sense of urgency. The infected, on the other hand, play almost exactly the same as before. The only noticeable difference is in the Stalkers – this time around they actively try to hide from you and ambush you when you least expect it. When they’re mixed in with other infected, the dynamic changes quite drastically. However, I found the new varieties of infected disappointing, coming across as reskinned enemies as opposed to something truly new.Credit: Naughty DogLike Uncharted 4: Among Thieves and Uncharted: Lost Legacy, the game world has been expanded significantly. Far from an open world, these large levels offer massive variety in combat and unexpected ways of traversal and finding your way to the next location. Much like the first game, these are usually resolved with a simple puzzle. One section gives you a map and a decently sized level to explore at your discretion. This was excellent but it was the only occasion of this sense of freedom. It’s not that the game felt small afterwards, more that giving us a map was strange. Crafting, looting and upgrades are all identical to the first game, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Sure, other games do each of these systems better but for a narrative-driven game, everything is very competent.On a visual front……I mean……wow. I expected this game to look great but it exceeds every expectation throughout its entire run time. Character models are stunning, as is the motion capture and animations alongside them. Regardless of level size, the asset placement makes the world feel incredibly real and Naughty Dog clearly have the best antialiasing method in the business, everything looks so clear.Credit: Naughty DogThe interactivity with objects is amazing, whether it’s foliage, rubble, water caustics and well anything, none of these result in big dips to framerate. The weather system is equally excellent, rain is a constant in this world. Much like the first game, the sound design is impeccable and the score is excellent throughout. The voice cast are all perfect. While Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker are on top form as Ellie and Joel, Laura Bailey steals the show. It’s hardly surprising but this is easily one of her best roles, also the incredibly talented Jeffrey Wright makes an appearance.At its core, The Last of Us: Part II is a winner, though it is divisive. The mostly heavy tone, especially for the first 10-15 hours, can be quite gruelling and the switch up might not work for everyone. This is subjective and I think most people will be OK with this aspect of the game but the only real issue to me is the pacing. There’s too much unnecessary baggage, it’s frustrating because the first game managed to say so little, so well, in a shorter time frame. All in all, ignore the unwarranted hate, it’s a great game with small issues and when you finish it, come back and check out our summary of the story.Check out some more screenshots in our gallery below: Credit: Naughty Dog Credit: Naughty Dog Credit: Naughty Dog Credit: Naughty Dog Credit: Naughty Dog Credit: Naughty Dog Credit: Naughty Dog Credit: Naughty Dog Credit: Naughty Dog Credit: Naughty Dog Credit: Naughty Dog Credit: Naughty Dog Credit: Naughty Dog Credit: Naughty Dog Credit: Naughty Dog The Last of Us II was reviewed using a digital code purchased by the reviewer.>Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment Developer: Naughty Dog Release Date: 19th June 2020 Reviewed On:PS4 Pro (PS4 Pro exclusive)last_img read more


first_imgAddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to LinkedInLinkedInLinkedInThe Herbert Protocol is a process, which is advantageous to police and partners when dealing with missing person reports involving those who are diagnosed with Dementia or a Learning Disability. The benefits of the Herbert Protocol is that family, friends, care workers or neighbours will have access to a PDF file in either hard copy or electronic version, which when completed will provide police with all relevant information pertaining to the person of concern.  This process will assist in the search due to the informant having possession of a document which contains all of the required information for a missing person report. This ultimately means that significant detail is circulated at the earliest possible point to assist those searching for the missing person.  By the early sharing of this information it will allow immediate access to detailed information and images of the missing person and ensure a more timely response from police to resource the search process.  Someone who has had first-hand experience of the benefits of the protocol said “I think the Herbert Protocol is a necessity for anyone in the situation where a loved one has gone missing.  It was easy to fill in and provides all the relevant details in one place for the police.  I have had experience of a situation where a family member went missing and at that time panic set in and it was difficult to think straight.  I think it will be really helpful to have the Herbert Protocol to hand over to the police to help them in the search.” Although this is a police and NHS led initiative, it will be promoted across our region by Third Sector Organisations, The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, Galloway and Moffat Mountain Rescue Teams, The Food Train and residential care homes.  The initiative went live in October 2017. Jilly Polson from The IDEAS Team said “we are very pleased to collaborate with Police Scotland in launching this protocol. There are increasing numbers of people living with dementia in our communities and the protocol is a way of helping a person who may be at risk of getting lost to be found safe and provide reassurance to them and their families.” Detective Inspector Robin Ferguson at Dumfries said “this initiative again demonstrates Police Scotland’s ongoing commitment to work with key partners to safeguard those who suffer from dementia in our community. Close working and recent delivery of training from the IDEAS team to police officers in Dumfries and Galloway has increased our knowledge on the types of dementia and the behaviour that the person might display. Through effective partnership working, we will continue to review working arrangements and explore new opportunities to increase our collective approach to help keep people safe in our community.” During discussions between Police Scotland and Interventions in Dementia, Education, Assessment and Support (IDEAS), Dumfries and Galloway National Health Service, it was found that due to a general increase in the number of people within our community diagnosed with Dementia and Learning Disability, that working together would better assist in the response to locating them should they go missing, whilst minimising stress to family and friends during the initial stages of the investigation.last_img read more

Dumfries & Galloway Council Seek £69m For Dumfries Learning Town Projects

first_imgAddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to LinkedInLinkedInLinkedInDumfries & Galloway Council Press ReleaseDumfries and Galloway Council (24 September 2020) will consider a report on phase 2 of Dumfries Learning Town and be asked to agree a bid for £69m to replace Dumfries High School, relocate Loreburn Primary School, and refurbish Dumfries Academy.Members will be asked to agree the contents of a draft bid document and authorise the Chief Executive to finalise and submit this to the Scottish Government to meet the expected timeframe for the Learning Estate Investment Programme (LEIP).The high-level cost estimates for the projects are:Dumfries High School: £46,540,224Loreburn Primary School + Dumfries Academy: £22,725,659The Dumfries Academy works include relocating Loreburn PS into the Minerva building, delivering solutions to poor music and PE accommodation, and addressing prioritised maintenance backlog issues.Dumfries Learning Town [phase 2) has already been identified as a priority project in developing the Council’s Capital Investment Strategy, as updated by the Council in June 2020. Once the Scottish Government provides an update on future levels of capital funding support, details will be presented to members for them to consider the inclusion of the project in the budget development process.Councillor Jeff Leaver, chair of the Education and Learning committee, said: “Our Council is committed to progressing phase 2 of Dumfries Learning Town. The next round of funding is now available, and we must move swiftly to submit a bid and include it in our capital programme.”Councillor Ros Surtees, vice chair, said: “Every pupil deserves the best possible education facilities. We’ve delivered some first-class school buildings across the region, including Dalbeattie Learning Campus, the Douglas Ewart performing arts facility, and Penninghame Nursery. We must now move quickly to further develop our region’s school estate.”last_img read more

CD Marine Agreed as Commercial Representative for GLT Automation, Omega &…

first_imgMonegasque marine consultancy CD Marine has entered into a strategic partnership as commercial representatives for GLT Automation S.r.l., Omega S.r.l. and PER Group S.p.A. in Monaco and the South of France.The agreement—signed at the 2017 Monaco Yacht Show—will see CD Marine acting as a single contact for its partners’ services in the region. The companies will utilise CD Marine’s recognised business to improve communication and efficiency of service for yachting, shipping and cruise professionals in French markets.Claudio Caracciolo, founder and CEO of CD Marine, said, “At the 2017 Monaco Yacht Show, CD Marine, GLT Automation S.r.l., Omega S.r.l. and PER Group S.p.A. entered into a partnership to strengthen their offerings in the South of France.“This year our partners began increasing their existing European presence with great success, already achieving over and above expectations in both the yachting and shipping industries. This has no doubt been helped by the companies’ innovative technologies and unique service systems.“By acting as commercial representatives for our partners, CD Marine will provide a more immediate, all-encompassing service to new and existing clients with the help of these trusted suppliers. We are very excited to see what this opportunity brings.”GLT Automation was the first business to enter into the commercial partnership, bringing with it a specialised knowledge of on-board electronic automation and monitoring systems.Massimo Pescarolo, Marketing Manager of GLT Automation, said, “We have been working on projects with CD Marine for some time now, and are delighted to have a partnership confirmed with Omega and PER Group also involved.“We provide complete electronic automation and monitoring services across a range of specialised marine systems; from design and production right through to on-board servicing. CD Marine’s position within the sector therefore brings us closer to our clients: the decision-makers and crew working on board.”The second partner to sign the agreement was Omega S.r.l. Specialising in fire fighting, safety and rescue equipment Omega contributes a unique and efficient approach to servicing on-board apparatus.Delfo Mazzoli, Commercial Manager of Omega, said, “Omega is a current leader in shipping and yachting safety activities in Italy, but with increased service demands abroad, we have recently assigned a new team to France and Monaco to increase our presence in the region. With CD Marine’s local presence, and its detailed knowledge of classification societies and Flag Administrations, we can offer the same certified safety services just as efficiently in this important yachting region.“We see the partnership as a strategic milestone for our company, as it will allow us to provide a new and efficient approach to marine safety for clients in the South of France. We are happy to be associated with such authorities in the yachting and shipping industries.”Having recently entered into the marine sector, PER Group S.p.A. brings with it an international presence in shore-side damage recovery for machinery and equipment after fires, floods and other disasters.Lucia Boerci, Marketing Manager of PER Group S.p.A., explained, “PER Group has recently finished intensive training for its shore-side technicians in the post-damage recovery and periodical maintenance of marine galley, HVAC and exhaust systems aboard yachts and ships, which is new territory for our business. The partnership therefore allows us to increase our reach in the French marine market.“Although we are an international company with a presence stretching far beyond Italy, we really value the agreement with CD Marine as respected contacts in Monaco and the South of France and we have high hopes for its success.”Sea News, November 29 Author: Priyanka Ann Sainilast_img read more

Traffic routes back to normal in the capital

first_img Tweet Share 688 Views   no discussions LocalNews Traffic routes back to normal in the capital by: Dominica Vibes News – October 23, 2017 Sharing is caring!center_img Share Share Traffic on Great George StreetMotorists have been advised that traffic routes in the capital city of Roseau are back to normal following the passage of hurricane Maria. Speaking to Vibes News Monday inspector in charge of the Traffic Department Inspector Anthony Lawrence said the department were accommodating to motorists following the hurricane since the road network was blocked with debris. “We allowed persons to travel in whatever way was more convenient to them to reach their destination because of what happened and we had to show some sympathy to those persons,” he explained. Now one month post hurricane Maria, with the roads now cleaned, Inspector Lawrence said motorists should now stick to the normal road routes in Roseau. “There are set roads that you have to pass and we are saying that there is no two way roads in Roseau proper itself. So between King George V Street and the River Bank, also Bath Road with the exception of Bay Front, there is no two way roads in Roseau. You have to follow a particular traffic route. So we’re asking you to go back and start driving in the route that you used to drive prior to Maria,” she explained. Inspector Lawrence warned that driving in the wrong direction is considered a traffic violation. Officers are currently in the capital with their ticket books and will be issuing tickets to those caught violating the traffic rules.last_img read more