80 after the success of the beauty of cheese Road

no matter when you don’t know what’s going on in your life in the coming years, so for the next second, you must work hard. There is such a beauty after 80 years ago, seven years ago she was unknown, ready to take off. Seven years later, when the opportunity came, she will do their best to win the career success. This beauty is Chen Xiaolu.


85 Yongzhou woman, cut a capable short hair, done 7 years of make-up artist, has many presenters and other stars to do cosmetic work, the average monthly income of 7000 yuan, a petty and quiet life. However, at the beginning of 2014, during the cold, she inadvertently bask in the WeChat circle of friends homemade delicacy – baked cheese, has changed her life: turned from makeup for her delicacy operators, cheese has become popular throughout the Changsha, and 7 days to create a circle of friends through sales of 150 thousand records, April sales of up to 400 thousand. After nearly half a year of operation, her fans chowhound total of nearly 8000 people, the development of more than and 20 agents, agents less profit is two thousand yuan, up 40 thousand yuan. read more

The natural wind tobacco firms business skills

the current market, the number of thousands of shops, a shop can be highlighted, naturally has its advantages, as well as other shops should learn skills. My shop – natural wind tobacco firms, has become the first batch of Jinjiang tobacco companies flagship store tobacco. What is "natural wind"? Take the double meaning, one is the natural wind is intermittent wind, gust of wind blowing, continue to bring people with more oxygen and negative ions in the fresh air, it is fit for my business purpose. read more

Grassroots can also win a large fortune grassroots entrepreneurs how to choose the direction of entr

business needs like war, be familiar with the law, a clear direction, "meditation", in order to achieve the "war" victory. "Sir, after the first operation and development; management; two birds in the forest, as a bird in the hand."

"empty talk"

1. determine the "enemy" orientation.

project has no direction? Can’t work? Said popular point is: who benefits, who is responsible for. I personally think that the most classic business plan is: play tyrant sub field! In a word, everyone knows what to do. read more

Auto parts stores are management method

auto parts market prospects, because now the auto industry huge holdings, therefore, more and more entrepreneurs choose the car market, the auto parts industry is the ideal business projects, to grasp the development if the auto parts industry to shop can gain wealth. How to operate auto parts store? Not every entrepreneur can grasp the way to open the auto parts stores. If you do not understand these places, then take a look at the small series in the following details.

The store must have one or two brands to attract the consumer car accessories: read more

Five concept of making money

2012 is coming, many people become a new target for small business investment to the real record as a, but the venture also need to continue to find good investment opportunities, we make clear about these business concept.

emphasize tailored personalized won ethnic identity concept can be divided into two types: one is commodity personalized, is to seize the young people nowadays and changeable, novelty, strong sense of personal characteristics, the self image, tailored to each customer to create a unique personalized merchandise two, like personalized ornaments, portrait doll personalized printing, etc., to meet the consumer potential narcissism, thus creating business opportunities. The other is the store personalized, because many domestic retail service industry has entered a fully competitive stage, at this stage, the shop is the key to success, so that consumers have a sense of identity, to the store has a unique personality. For example, the sale of coffee, Starbucks, selling MUJI products, selling beauty care products, such as The Body Shop, is a representative of the shop personalized. There are video games store, animation store these are also very creative. read more

5 small coup to reduce costs

In the process of starting a business, the cost is a very important part. How to reduce your cost and how to minimize the cost, so that you can get the maximum profit with the minimum cost? Xiaobian for you to reduce the cost of 5 small coup!

the right size. If the size of the first production line is too large, the more the start-up capital is needed. Do not think that the market demand should come up on the opportunity to take a big step. Use the existing funds on hand to see how much of these funds are suitable for production scale. Kors · Johnson said: "the industry to conduct research, and then determine their own market segments." read more

Fresh fruit juice shop needs to pay attention to matters

modern people on the increasing demand for beverages, people are gradually clear details of the production of tea shop, are not very good at product quality, and then turned to the consumption of fresh fruit juice. How about opening a fresh juice shop? Should be how to operate? If you want to learn more, you can take a look.

if it is small, it is clean, medium charge.

If this is

read more

Entrepreneurship should first consider what kind of problems

everyone think it just a matter of expediency, is preparing for the day after the start. Now who are saying: work is not a lifetime thing, is never a way out! That being the case, how should we look for our future career as a working family?

1, learn to survive in the cracks". You can choose to start from the beginning of SOHO business, when you have entrepreneurial impulse idea, maybe there are a lot of things you need to accomplish, no matter what, you always need to be on Saturday, Sunday to return to run, for your customers to do analysis and implementation; Monday to Friday every day work to 12 points; every day doing your work plan when you get on the bus to work every day; when to change a head to do your own work, need more thinking.

2, in the work to do, there is nothing to do". We can not because of the idea of entrepreneurship, the company’s things aside, even the use of their own work on the convenience of the company’s business, or in the work time to do private work. I think this is a matter of principle of a person, especially for a future entrepreneur, you have to invest in your own reputation now, perhaps before the age of 35, you maintain a good reputation and not just input output; but when you were 35 years old, you you can get rich rewards from the reputation of investment, I believe this point. read more