Website optimization need to do a good job in eight aspects

station optimization mainly involves the following aspects:

5 site keyword density in 2%-8%, more than the search engines will be judged for the optimization of transition. Too low for the ranking of words can not play great role. Therefore, the need to master a degree. But now a lot of software can help the query keyword density, as long as in the optimization process can make full use of these keywords ranking do better.

6, itelinks refers to the channel and the channel between the column and column, and between the article and the article, key words and articles. Good Sitelinks is conducive to search engine optimization at the same time, more conducive to the increase of PV website. Internal links like friends, more friends, so people to find your chances, so the internal links is not a negligible key. read more

Why not search the website finish

is a small website construction company programmers, after finish to the customer site, after the site was on the line for one or two days some customers will come to our customer service website MM asked: you do have a problem, why search product name can not find our website? What is our site is not in Shanghai the first love page? Then we call MM and began to explain this series has answered the question of thousands of times. It said is we do not understand the network marketing, many business owners by listening to friends say the same industry or research found that the website to market their business through the Internet is nowadays very popular marketing channels, so the site ready yet, why not others say the effect is good today? Xiaobian to have similar questions on the next friend. read more

From the guest station overnight fell down the right reason analysis ranking


Shanghai dragon who do not want their website ranking keywords are getting better and better, more and more able to love Shanghai rushed to the home page, so every day the hair of the chain, every day update every day to Links…… To move all thought, not to recruit, it is this idea of greed sometimes will send the site on a road of no return. Stretch marks of my station is a good example of the original, ranking fell overnight, dozens of words, a fall can not find a moment without the flow. read more

[Tuiyou network] essay analyze the effect of website directory on the website of the Shanghai Dragon

1, outside the chain of high quality.

2, enhance the

website directory is worth us to do outside the chain, after delivery in addition to bringing the URL, but also bring a text link, but also generated a separate page for the search engines, once our website appeared in the high weight on the page, then the search engine weights we link will also improve.

generally do a good website directory is to take manual review of the system, such as the DMOZ catalogue, common YAHOO catalogue, coodir category and Tuiyou categories, and these categories. read more

How to use the site within the chain skills enhance the site right

chain optimization

3, the chain deployment, can greatly improve the user experience, so as to search engine recognition.

, a clever place do recommend

as a Shanghai Longfeng optimization webmaster, site weight is very important to a site, because the higher the weight, that your site holds no weight relative to a little better in the search engine. At present no new weight, everyone will have a common finding, that is your site content even if the original content updates included is very slow, sometimes even included, they would also be deleted, but for high weight site, even if he were not the original site updates. As long as they collect it, then the site included speed is very fast, and deleted the probability is very low. So, the website weight is particularly important for a site, so how do we get website weight fast? For a no weight site, how do we do will quickly get your weight, then introduce the promotion website weight of money, Qiao said Shanghai Longfeng forum here to introduce the importance of how to using the website chain skills: read more

How to increase the advertising revenue of shlf1314 AdSenseMust pay attention to the registered Wang

anyway, do Wangzhuan novice must learn to see more tutorials, this is a very important point, people are often do not know how to operate, so one must learn to look at the tutorial to operate, do not know to ask webmaster or Q group looking for answers. The station will be detailed to make Chinese tutorial, let everyone can understand, well, first talked about here, I wish you earn more dollars in Wangzhuan road.

in front of a good registration, you can register click on the site’s account, and this is also a critical step. For example, the registered NEOBUX site, first find the station tutorial, open the registration page through the recommended links, attention must be registered to become 99 net Wangzhuan downline opened by the link to this site, registered mail must be GMAIL, not domestic mail, like 163, , 126 mailbox is not received to activate the letter, a detailed description of the tutorial, there is not more to say. read more

Website home page by K’s solution in the sea

third: love Shanghai included normal, but every day an irregular time to site to the home page. If new words without Shanghai Longfeng excessive optimization, then you should immediately check the Links, if is old station, see if you modify the title, and then carried out according to the situation.

is currently the most popular solution several love Shanghai home page by several means K, indeed there are many owners to solve the problem through the above means, but sometimes owners use the above method can not be solved. I want to use some way to solve the problem of the K home page is not love the sea really because of your attitude change, is just a routine update period repeatedly. In the final analysis, is the Limited website weight home page is the real reason of K. read more

The webmaster should forget Shanghai dragon UEO

enterprise network 贵族宝贝01p贵族宝贝 original release. Please indicate the source.


in fact, we should change a way, stop doing product, do content, do the real value to the users of the website. As long as your real website for users to use, they will recommend to other users, word-of-mouth. Here the word-of-mouth legend is certainly not the traditional sense of the word, is definitely a must through the community, social media, forum, blog, micro-blog and other media, in this case, you need hard to do outside the chain, every day to send spam? Natural links, and artificial links. It is certainly not the same. read more

The website method for preventing CC attack

actually, do not use site guards class service, directly through the analysis of Web logs, or it is easy to tell which is the IP CC attack, CC attack because after all is through the program to crawl the web, browse the characteristics different from ordinary or great, such as ordinary visitors to access a web page will be continuous grab the page HTML files, CSS files, JS files and pictures and a series of related documents, and the CC attacker only grab a URL address file, does not capture other types of files, the User Agent and most ordinary visitors, this can on the server it is easy to tell which visitors are CC attack, the attacker can determine since IP, so preventive measures is very simple, only need the batch IP shield can achieve CC attack prevention purpose . read more

The station optimization technology in Shanghai ranked best love

Corkish has been in the research for love Shanghai ranking technology, Fuzhou Shanghai dragon think maybe many people would think that the so-called Shanghai dragon is actually very simple, but pay attention to the Shanghai Longfeng resources and Shanghai Longfeng ideas only, other technology it is inconsequential details! However, I would like to point out that technology the details of Shanghai dragon actually has a very important role, especially for love Shanghai! As we all know, love is not good in Shanghai ranking optimization, especially for new sites, many people feel that Shanghai Longfeng basic technology is very simple, the rest is on the high quality of the chain of accumulation, by Shanghai dragon the ranking of resource accumulation, but for ranking optimization love Shanghai have a lot of details, if you pay attention, and learning, will make your site in There is a substantial leap ranking on read more