Month: <span>May 2017</span>

How to run a better home for women entrepreneurs

now women in both in the economic life, are very independent, so investors are now in the ranks, there are a lot of women, for women, find a good prospect, simple operation and high profit of the project investment, make money easier and more worry. Beautiful e home smart home to join the good, is a very good project worth investing. How to manage the daily use of women’s daily home business? This is a method, followed by small series to understand:

one, to show the charm of the product

now, home daily brand is very large, particularly large consumer selectivity. In the purchase of household goods at home, a look is very satisfied with the opportunity to buy enough money to buy very low, more consumers will be able to compare the price of the product, nature, function, effect, etc.. Therefore, female entrepreneurship daily stores, no matter what brand, no matter what goods, must have the perfect service, high quality, permanent service spirit, to get the favor of consumers. read more

Yunnan Youth nnovation and entrepreneurship competition held in Kunming

entrepreneurship has become the theme of the times, but the market also needs constant innovation, and in order to encourage the majority of entrepreneurs, all over the country are constantly holding a variety of innovation and entrepreneurship competition. The Yunnan Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship contest was held in Kunming in 4, attracting countless entrepreneurs.

4, the third session of the "mobile 4G+" and the youth Yunnan Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship competition started at Kunming University of Science and Technology, which aims to build a platform for daily communication, guide the youth entrepreneurship entrepreneurship projects, while supporting the entrepreneurial team, communication business philosophy, to help young people realize the ideal business. read more

Laid off workers rely on needlework

now in the whole social life, there are always some of the more legendary female entrepreneurs, then, to say this is one of them, she had a poor life, is an unknown laid-off worker.

a palm vein, sunset, bridges, is very realistic. These products will be across the ocean, to the United States, Canada, New Zealand and other markets. And this comes from the 49 year old stone hand. She was a laid-off worker.

read more

n the online shop need to pay attention to what

now there are a lot of people in the online business, of course, has a good advantage in the online business, but in order to avoid too many detours, should also learn some skills and methods in online business, so that it can be efficient business.

One of the

If an enterprise, if you already have a mature product, with considerable market demand, this is not a problem. Determine the scope of business, should be taken into account the main advantages of their own resources, expertise, the most blind imitation. Chinese people have "herd" wrong, you have to be careful! If you want to do now is not to be done, then you will take the lead. Entrepreneurship, the core is a creative word, in the creative spirit embodied in the creative word, entrepreneurial spirit. read more

How to improve the sales of curtain business

era is in progress, how to improve the curtain business to do sales? Many entrepreneurs choose to do curtain business, entrepreneurship should pay attention to the correct methods and techniques, the only way to win in the market competition.

curtain fabric stores to attract customers is a wide topic, and not in two words or three can be said clearly, and every curtain cloth chain has its own characteristics, so every curtain fabric stores to attract customers is not the same. Promotion is one of the most effective ways to increase turnover. read more

Gansu National Teachers College Students nnovation and Entrepreneurship Program

development needs to adapt to the trend of the times, in line with the current situation of innovation and entrepreneurship, Gansu National Teachers College in order to enhance the entrepreneurial ability of college students, declared a number of innovative and entrepreneurial projects.

to actively respond to the country and the province to deepen the innovation and entrepreneurship education reform in Colleges and universities, to enhance the Gansu National Normal College Students Employment and entrepreneurship. According to "the Ministry of education on 2016 submitted to the National College Students’ innovation training projects notice (Teaching of Higher Education Department No. [2016]12)" and "Gansu Province Education Department notice submitted Provincial College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship training program project (Gansu high letter) [2016]12 spirit" file. read more

99% of the world’s wealth uses the following rules

when we go to understand a brand, we naturally think of its positioning, because an accurate positioning of the brand and its consumers will soon form a common understanding. Whether it is to create a brand or brand life planning, you need to know how to locate. 99% of the world’s wealth has applied the following positioning, it is worth learning.

1, the use of product positioning

The difference of read more