Month: <span>November 2017</span>

2014 Shanghai dragon industry will encounter what

Although the impact of future

first, obviously, the traditional Shanghai Longfeng development is very good, they changed the people’s daily life, Shanghai dragon is still the second highest demand service area (71% of respondents), Shanghai dragon is still the most priority of individuals and their teams.

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social network to network marketing is difficult to predict, but the impact of social media on our industry is obviously. The social media service products 5 bestseller list of services and the network marketing, personal priority, priority, team marketing strategy and content strategy is to fusion. The new network’s fate is uncertain, just Facebook and Twitter, as Google + and Pinterest will develop rapidly, and the social rank signal will increase. read more

Decisive factors that affect the site ranking changes

four, website user experience. The search engine algorithm is around the user’s habits, but also can be said to be love to change. The user does not love pop, the search engine will not love pop, users do not love SQ content, search >


recently in Chengdu Shanghai dragon website ranking big changes, from the beginning to the website website snapshot stalled, straight down, and then to the website ranking dropped to second, and finally to the website ranking directly without (but still website snapshot faster). This series of changes in Chengdu, Shanghai and Phoenix are aware of. Look at the last update time, almost half a month no update today, or write an article: what are the factors that affect the site ranking read more