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Sony develops 3mm sheet that makes any laptop 3D capable

first_imgThere’s an ongoing question as to how many consumers actually want to watch 3D and desire it as a feature of their devices and gadgets, but industry seems to be pushing forward with including it regardless. While movie theaters love 3D because they can charge a higher price of entry, high-end TVs seem to have it as standard, and now Sony is offering an easy way to add it to any laptop that sports a webcam.A new lenticular sheet has been unveiled at IFA 2011 by Sony that allows for 3D viewing without the need to wear glasses. Sony will be using this 3mm thick sheet in its Vaio S series laptops, but it will also be offered to other laptop manufacturers.In order for it to work the sheet needs to be combined with a webcam and software. The webcam tracks the position of the user’s face sitting at the laptop while the software handles that face tracking and adjusts the output to be optimal for the position of the user. Clearly it’s not a system that works well if you and a friend want to watch a 3D movie on your laptop.The sheet is 15.5-inches in size, suggesting it could be used in laptops up to that size while adding only a little extra thickness and weight to the overall machine. The one stumbling block is the price, which Sony has set at $183. That’s a high price to pay for just adding 3D to a laptop, so it will be reserved for high-end, and therefore expensive machines.Read more at Tech-On!last_img read more