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Sumner County Sheriff weekly jail bookings: January 15 – January 22, 2018

first_imgKing Aaron41Wichita ,ksN 1035 Mile Post 24 Belle PlaineDriving while license cancelled/suspended/revoked1/17/18 Black, Dustin L.29Wellington, Kansas1820 E. 16th St., Wellington, KSGiving a false alarm1/15/18 Peterson, Jaymee L.30Derby, KansasI35 MP 16, Wellington, KSDriving under influence of alcohol or drugs1/16/18 McGinn David J30Wellington, KS400 N Morningside Dr. Wellington, KSBurglary (X3)/Interference with Law Enforcement1/21/18 Gray, Christina M25Belle Plaine KS1301 N A Wellington, KSDomestic Battery/ Warrant arrest (X2) Sedgwick County1/20/18 McClure, Alexis Elizabeth23Wellington Ks609 S. Washington, Wellington, Ks Failure to appear/ Unlawful for certain animals to run at large1/18/18 Filtingberger, Austin D22Sedan, KS1200 E 119th St. Mulvane, KSDUI1/20/18 French, Jessie Dewayne40Wellington Ks500 Block North B., Wellington, KansasFailure to Appear1/19/18 Davis, Clint Harold34Wichita ,ks501 N Washington Wellington KSFailure to Appear Probation Violation(Arrest and Detain1/18/18 Riojas, Cameron R28Arkansas City, Ks610 E Hillside St. Wellington, KSserving sentence1/20/18 Doolen, Gregory R26Valley Center, KSN MP 22 TPKE Wellington, KSDUI1/20/18 Williams, Diamond Jewel34Wichita ,ksSedgwick County Jail Probation Violation1/19/18 Jump, Ian Allen24Maize  Ks501 N. Washington, Wellington, KansasProbation Violation: (Arrest and Detain )1/1//2018 Shanahan, Lisa39Scott City KsTopeka Correctional FacilityFailure to Appear1/17/18 Reeves, Robert32Dallas TXI35 TPKE N MP 24 Belle Plaine KSDriving while license cancelled/suspended/revoked1/18/18 Schwab, Donald Earl III22Belle Plaine KS501 N. Washington Wellington,Ksserving sentence1/18/18 Sumner Newscow report — The Sumner County Sheriff released its weekly jail bookings for the past week.The following is the name, age, hometown, location of arrest, charges and date of arrests for Jan. 15 to Jan. 22, 2018:  Rowe, Nathan Samuel25Wellington KsSedgwick County Jail Criminal deprivation of property/Theft of prop/services/Domestic battery; Knowing or reckless bodily harm to family/dating relationship;2nd/5 yrs/ Possession of marijuana/Use/possess w/intent to use drug paraphernalia into human body/TOC/Criminal use of weapons; Sell/mauf/purch/poss bludgeon/club/knuckles/star1/19/18 Ramirez, Adrian24Oxford KS610 E Hillside St. Wellington, KS21-5405(a)(1) Involuntary manslaughter; Recklessly/ Driving under influence of alcohol or drugs/21-5405(a)(3) Involuntary manslaughter; While under the influence of alcohol or drugs1/19/18 Repphan, Dustin L33Wellington, KS806 S G Wellington, KSDomestic Battery1/20/18 Ingram, Gary O Jr.35Wichita, KS1130 E 16th WellingtonProbation Violation (X4)1/20/18 Janney, Shawn Allen40Wellington Ks600 S Washington Wellington, KSUnlawful for certain animals to run at large/Failure to appear1/18/18 Topper, Dalton E19Arkansas City, Ks610 E Hillside St. Wellington, KSserving sentence1/20/18 Janney, Shawn Allen40Wellington KS600 S Washington Wellington, KS Possession of controlled substance/Use/possess w/intent to use drug paraphernalia into human body1/18/18 Cantrell, Joshua Lynn38Wellington Ks501 N. Washington, Wellington, KansasProbation Violation: STAT (Arrest and Detain)X 3 cases1/19/18 Dalbom, Dale Martin37Conway Springs KS501 N washington Wellington KsFailure to Appear1/18/18 Grisham, Jason D35Wichita, Ks1400 N US81, Mulvane, KSDWS1/22/18 Kotch, Trisha M.35Wichita, KansasSedgwick County JailFailure to Appear1/16/18 Cantrell,Joshua38Wellington Ks412 S Washington Wellington KsFailure to Appear1/18/18 Pham, Melinda H.23Salina, KansasI35 MP 16, Wellington, KSPossession of hallucinogenic drug / Possession of stimulant1/15/18 French, Marieo Deon38Wellington  Ks1001 E 16th St. Wellington, KSFailure to Appear1/19/18last_img read more