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Dont Expect a Super Street Fighter V Says Capcom

first_imgFor over two decades, it has been an established fact that each game in the Street Fighter series will inevitably receive multiple iterations — with each updated edition adding new characters, stages, and gameplay tweaks. Many wondered if this would continue with Street Fighter V, but even before the game’s launch, Capcom assured fans that, instead of having to buy an entirely new SFV title, they would receive additions through DLC.Capcom’s statement about how SFV would be updated wasn’t enough for some as rumors recently popped up that a “Super Street Fighter V” was being developed. Before these reports were able to gain any traction, Capcom killed them outright by reiterating its previous statement that Street Fighter V would be the only version to be released.Capcom’s Matt Dahlgren made it very clear to EventHubs that there will never be a Super Street Fighter V.“We’re always looking at how we can innovate on the series model while keeping an eye on how receptive fans would be to a new type of offering for a Street Fighter game,” said Dahlgren. “Street Fighter V innovated on the series model by being a service-based platform, with earnable post-launch content. Even now, the price point of the main retail offering has dropped, which is essentially the starter version of the game. However, even if we come up with new models, we are still committed to our promise that the initial release is still the only version you’ll ever need to own with all game updates and balance adjustments available for free.”Given the history of Street Fighter, it’s easy to understand why this rumor would manifest. However, Capcom’s approach to Street Fighter V proves that the company has no reason to release a “Super” version of the game. This year alone saw the introduction of new characters, modes, stages, alternate costumes, and more. All of these add-ons were made available via DLC, not through a new game.Capcom could always change course with SFV, but for now, it seems to be committed to keeping its promise. Don’t hold your breath for a Super Street Fighter V, people.last_img read more

MCU News AntMan and the Wasp Trailer Lands at the Exact Right

first_img James Gunn Once Again Directing ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’Dark Phoenix Trailer Released & More Marvel Movie News From a guy who never knows when to quit, I’m glad you guys never did. Congrats #Avengers. pic.twitter.com/voJshTKx5E— Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) April 29, 2018“No. Absolutely not. Go bother Prof. X. No,” the letter reads. That’s a Tony Stark response if we’ve ever heard one. If any X-Men characters were going to cross over (other than Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, which is a whole other confusing mess), it would be Deadpool. That probably doesn’t bode too well for the rest of them. Deadpool’s been called many things, but a great ambassador isn’t one of them. He has his own superhero-stuffed movie coming out anyone. Once Infinity War is done taking all the money, Deadpool 2 will be in theaters May 18.Marvel Studios “The First Ten Years” Class Photo (Via Marvel)Finally, we can’t talk about Infinity War and Ant-Man and the Wasp, without looking toward the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Particularly the still-untitled Avengers 4. After this past weekend, we have even more questions about that movie. Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige isn’t answering any of them, but he did answer others in an interview with Collider. Most interesting was his comments on the name of the next movie. Originally, it was going to be called Infinity War Part II, but they changed the name, and didn’t tell anyone what they were changing it to, because they wanted to keep the focus on this movie. That kind of backfired. Now, all we want to know is what the next one is called. And Feige says we might be underwhelmed by it.“When we announce the title I am not sure, but as I’ve probably said to you, it’s gotten completely blown out of proportion. It will just be a name, and the reason to hold it back was to keep the attention on Infinity War,” he said. All Feige would say for sure about the title: It’s definitely not called Infinity Gauntlet.Some have speculated Avengers: Forever, which is cute. I think it should be called Avengers Assemble. Just to really mess with Europe for no reason. Whatever it’s called Avengers 4 will be in theaters in just over a year on May 3, 2019. Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. The new trailer for  Ant-Man and the Wasp just dropped. After Avengers: Infinity War, all I can say is he’d better have a damn good excuse. Gonna keep things spoiler-free in this post, but man! Just… what happened? Yeah, that movie’s all we’ve been able to think about, and we’re still not over… all of it. That’s why today’s trailer is coming at the perfect time. The first Ant-Man was a nice, light palate cleanser after the much heavier Avengers: Age of Ultron. It looks like Ant-Man and the Wasp is filling a similar role. Thankfully. We could all use a little lightheartedness right about now.Yeah, that’s the stuff. At first, it seemed like a weird decision to put this movie out after Infinity War. Especially since Ant-Man and the Wasp takes place before that movie. But after this past weekend, I’m glad we have this to tide us over until February when Captain Marvel comes out. And yes, it’ll be good to see what’s been going on with Scott Lang since Captain America: Civil War. AND WHY HE… you know what? We’ll find out soon. Hopefully.Let’s just focus on this movie, which looks like a ton of fun. The trailer is funny, and has some great-looking action in it. I’m loving Evangeline Lilly’s wasp already, and the way they work in tandem is so cool. Especially with their new ability to grow and shrink other objects. That car flip down a steep San Francisco hill is easily the best part of the trailer.You’d think a movie as stuffed as Infinity War would leave us needing a break from Marvel, but nope. I need more. Give me all of it. Shoot it into my veins! At lest we won’t have long to wait. Ant-Man and the Wasp arrives in theaters July 6.Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie (Photo via Marvel)As impressive as the sheer number of superheroes in Infinity War was, there were still a few glaring omissions. One we didn’t expect to be as big a deal is it’s turned into is Valkyrie. It’s not a spoiler to say that Thor’s run-in with Thanos’ ship at the end of Thor: Ragnarok doesn’t go well. That should be obvious to anyone who’s been paying attention. What follows might be considered a minor spoiler, so if you haven’t seen the movie yet for some reason, and still hope to go in blind somehow, skip ahead.Valkyrie is nowhere to be seen in the movie. Which is odd, considering she was on that ship at the end of Ragnarok. That’s pretty worrying, but it sounds like we have no reason to fear for her at this point. Co-director Joe Russo spoke at the University of Iowa, and one attendee recounted some of the things he said on Reddit. According to the Reddit post, Russo confirmed that some Asgardians were able to escape before Thanos started killing people. It sounds like Valkyrie was among them, because Russo says she is indeed alive. That lines up nicely with what we know about Thanos, too. He believes in balance, and achieves it by killing one-half of the people he attacks. It’s not hard to imagine that he let one half of the Asgardians live.Tessa Thompson, however, has a different explanation. Alluding to a Twitter account comparing the actress to adorable goats, Thompson tweeted a different take on Valkyrie’s fate. It turns out she was totally in the movie.center_img Stay on target me in Infinity Wars. pic.twitter.com/g7fAjUcm95— Tessa Thompson (@TessaThompson_x) April 30, 2018Don’t know how we missed her, to be honest.Of course, some people were absent from the movie because there was really no way they were ever going to be in it. Disney may have reached an agreement to buy 20th Century Fox’s movie and TV divisions, but that deal’s a long way from being finalized. Until then, the Avengers and the X-Men are separated by a barrier made of lawyers. Even Thanos isn’t powerful enough to break through that. That didn’t stop one X-Men character (and the actor who’s basically become him at this point) from trying to cross over. Ryan Reynolds tweeted his congratulations to Marvel Studios on the success of Infinity War, which just had the biggest box office opening weekend of all time. Seriously, the movie made over $250 million in North America alone, and over $630 million total. In his tweet, Reynolds shared a response from Tony Stark to Deadpool’s application to join the Avengers.last_img read more