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The crime situation is heartbreaking

first_imgDear Editor,The crime situation is heartbreaking, particularly for the Indo-Guyanese community. The recent murder of Omadat Persaud, 27, and the brutalisation of the Pouderoyen family by bandits invoke deeper fears into the Indo-Guyanese community which is reeling from relentless pains inflicted by criminals. Criminals do not see us as human beings. I am appealing to the Government of Guyana to take drastic actions on criminals. Also, I am asking my fellow Guyanese to come together and let us develop a strategy to fight this crime. I am also calling on the Indian Arrival Committee to address the situation. With each passing day we are losing our loved ones to crime.I am also appealing to the American embassy, the Canadian high commission, the British high commission, the Indian high commission and all other foreign bodies in our country to help us or guide us to tackle this problem. We want to live.We are abused in this country by criminals and Government is doing very little. The crime situation is also further destroying race relations in this country. Life is unbearable.Please, we cannot live like this anymore. The situation is inhumane. We are in mental anguish. Please hear our pains and help us. Please! We want to live. Please do not ignore my letter. Someone please show that you care.Editor, for the sake of saving lives I beg you again please publish my letter. We are hurting. I am signing my name as a concerned citizen because I am scared for my life.Sincerely,Concerned Citizenlast_img read more