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We must all live here, right here, in peaceful co-existence

first_imgDear Editor,The posting on social media of the racial statement “Coolie people need to take their retarded ass back to the gutter they call India and leave Guyana to the Afro Guyanese, they are worthless garbage”, purportedly made by one Nigel Austin is an asinine and backward comment. These backward comments are the workings of a depraved group of persons who gain relevance in certain quarters. Allegedly made by one Nigel Austin, and I doubt, that comment bears the signature statement of a certain racial clique who believes that they own Guyana. These extremists see Guyana as a stomping ground of “theirs” to do as they please. These comments come as nothing new; they only surface whenever a certain political party is in the ascendancy here. These non-productive, empty people would make these comments when they see their State-sponsored existence is reduced.If this “Austin guy” feels so strongly about Indians and believes that Indians should go back to India, then in the same token, why not Blacks go back to Africa? We are not the indigenous peoples of this country; we all came here under the same circumstances?I am looking forward to condemnatory statements from all the Afro-based groupings in Guyana. I call on them to distance themselves from such backward comments. But when you think about a place called Guyana, this might be wishful thinking. But I am, however, tolerant and very trusting that I can be proven wrong.So, in closing we are all here; we must all live here, right here, in peaceful co-existence.Respectfully,Neil Adamslast_img read more